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Emergency and Contingency Plans

Natural disasters may disrupt our normal operations. To address these temporary disruptions, we must make contingency plans and communicate them to the public to keep our commitments to service everyone in a timely manner. After a crisis, when conditions warrant, we will contact our clients to advise of the severity of our disruptions. Our first priority is everyone’s security and the protection of our clients’ data. Despite any local interruption, we may conduct our business from any place with access to a telephone and an active computer connection.

If conditions render our premises inoperable, we will contact our clients from anywhere we are able to re-establish a communications connection to apprise them of our situation and to provide them with alternate ways to access our services. Our commitment is to restore contact and communication lines after the initial crisis passes and to retain all services as conditions permit thereafter. For emergency contact, our voice mail service will operate at the regular telephone number, (305) 595-9928 and there will be an additional line, (305) 848-7320 to reach us directly or to leave a message.

Our firm is not a custodian of assets. It is not a trader of securities. It is strictly an adviser to clients whose assets are under custody at financial institutions across the globe, not with us; each of these firms has its own plan in place to remain accessible to its clients during emergency conditions. Our clients should be well aware of the contingency plans that the custodians of their assets have made, since it is with their custodians that their assets remain at all times.

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