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Meet Our Managing Director, Mr. Francisco Gonzalez-Soldevilla

Photograph of Francisco Gonzalez-Soldevilla

Mr. Gonzalez-Soldevilla has lived in Miami, Florida since 1961. He was born in Cuba, but his parents chose to send him away from the Castro revolution to grow up free and live in liberty, away from the toxicity of social and economic upheavals engendered by a revolution. He was twelve years old when he joined the endless string of political exiles fleeing the Castro dictatorship through the years since 1959.

A few years later, Frank finished high school at Southwest Miami Senior High. He received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Miami, where he majored in French and Spanish language and literature. Upon graduation he enrolled in UM's graduate school, seeking a Master's in French, as he married and formed a family of four children. Years later, he graduated from Florida International University with a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies in 1996.

Along the years, Frank taught foreign languages in three different public schools. Right after college, he taught at Palmetto Jr. High School where he remained until his first child was born in 1972. In all, he completed a total of ten years teaching. He returned to the classroom at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High School in 1989 and in 1992 he went to MAST Academy; this took place while he observed a contractual clause related to the sale of a business. During this time, he also taught as adjunct professor at Miami-Dade College in the Wolfson, Kendall, and Inter-American Campuses.

In the financial industry, Frank has been assisting individuals, their families, and their businesses over three decades. From 1972 through 1989, he worked exclusively in the insurance and investments side of the financial services industry. He sold the firm he established in 1980 providing a wide array of financial products and services largely to physicians, attorneys, and other similarly-structured, closely-held small businesses in the South Florida area; it was this sale in 1989 that allowed him the time to complete his cycle in the academic world.

Frank returned to the financial services industry in 1997 with Prudential Securities, as a registered representative. In 2002, he moved to a small, boutique-like broker dealer as sales manager, subsequently becoming the firm's director of sales and products until his departure in 2008. He became the first branch manager in Miami of a foreign-owned broker dealer branching south from New York, where it had operated a number of years. A year later, he resigned to engage in the establishment of this firm.

Always aware of the need to deliver independent advice with integrity in the financial services industry, Frank saw the opportunity to realize his vision and established this firm. His goal always in focus, he assumed freely the responsibility to address customer financial needs honestly and ethically, without conflicts of interest, on a fiduciary basis. The firm delivers services to clients seeking sensible, unbiased financial advice at an affordable price.

At a glance, Frank's background in the academic, insurance, and securities industries become valuable experiences in the domestic and international markets, across Florida, the Caribbean, and select regions of Latin America where, as an associate of this registered investment adviser firm, he seeks to deliver quality services. Successfully managing the interaction with individuals seeking to create, grow, and preserve assets to benefit from their personal holdings, Frank is equally as versed in the transfer of family wealth between generations in an efficient and confidential manner.

Being well-skilled in a formal classroom setting where individuals seek academic knowledge, Frank's able to deliver a clear message in the business conference room where either in privately held one-on-one discussions or in large group presentations financial needs are discussed, risks weighed, solutions proposed, and the understanding of alternatives to resolve the issues is as essential to the achievement of financial goals as is the management of expectations.

In practical everyday activities, Frank proves that experience, knowledge, and clarity of exposition are fundamental to the success of any productive enterprise. Having worked through the glory years of high-returns and careless risk-taking as well as the more recent, very difficult, highly volatile, uncertain times in the securities markets, he understands that today the defense of capital and its cautious growth constitute the primary focus of his work with many of his clients.

If the transparency of our business proposition and our commitment to quality service appeal to you, we urge you to consider Frank as the person to service your financial needs. Our telephone number in Miami is 305-595-9928. Set a time and date to meet with Frank and learn how his work may assist you to identify financial needs, set goals, monitor investment results, and understand your options with their potential outcomes.

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